• David KizlerDavid Kizler, over 6 years ago

    I just recently discovered Sketch Scripting. I’m not a programmer, but they make it very easy to install custom scripts.

    In case you don’t know (which was me a week ago), simply go to plugins/ create custom script.

    In the custom script box, you paste your scripts or plugins. You can find a nice list of plugins here.

    Here’s one I find helpful to get a rectangle to fill the dimensions of the artboard:

    // Make the selection fill the parent group (artboard). var layer = selection[0]; var frame = [layer frame]; var parent = [layer parentGroup]; [frame setX: 0]; [frame setY: 0]; [frame setWidth: [[parent frame] width]]; [frame setHeight: [[parent frame] height]];

    Paste that into your script, rename and save and you’ve got a new Sketch tool which can also be assigned a keyboard shortcut.

    Anyways, thought I’d share in case somebody has yet to bump into this cool part of Sketch. I’m hoping eventually enough plugins will be created that I can eventually let go of Adobe Fireworks.

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  • Harouth Arthur MekhjianHarouth Arthur Mekhjian, almost 7 years ago

    I know I am off topic, but quick question does anyone know if there has been any indication if sketch will ever come to another platform other than OSX? Just seems like an app that would be really useful but I don't see myself going over to OSX for it.

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  • Garrett GroszkoGarrett Groszko, almost 7 years ago

    Very nice! Thank you!

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  • Donald HuhDonald Huh, almost 7 years ago

    Nice! and pro tip: laying out the shortcuts in a grid view would be more convenient and easier to read.

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  • Lucas AlmeidaLucas Almeida, almost 7 years ago

    Veeeery good.

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