I made a complex Design System For Figma with 2000+ Components! Also, a Free Version is available.

over 1 year ago from , Founder of Simmmple

I’m Fredy, the Founder of Simmmple. Today I’m excited to introduce our new product, Venus Design System, a complex & premium design system tool which comes with more than 2000+ Components states and more than 250+ Global Styles for Figma! ❤️

The main idea of doing this tool was to help designers & developers reduce hours of time wasted wireframing and building UI projects. Venus Design System will increase cohesion, collaboration, and focus your creativity where it matters!

We realized these ready-to-use components can help you to make a premium project very quickly.

While designing Venus, there were a few things we knew we had to get right:

• Making sure it was easy for anyone, not just designers, but for developers to learn and use • Connecting Venus with Figma features like Variants, Auto Layout V3.0 & many other cool features (we’re just getting started here!) • Make Venus as a library of UI components and styles to help you use them & deliver your work faster • Keep Venus design consistent, accessible and well-documented

For the moment, Venus comes just in Figma Version at $99 for Freelancer license, but we are working and we plan to launch Venus as a React Library to be more useful and to be easier to bring the design to life.


Try Free Version of Venus:https://bit.ly/venusdesign-free Venus Design System PRO:https://bit.ly/venusdesign-pro