What is a Responsive Website and how much does it cost?

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Gone are the days when business had to have two URLs for their website. One is for the desktop version, and another one is dedicated to mobile devices. Since our mobile devices nowadays are smart, there isn’t any need for a dedicated website for your smartphones.

However, responsive websites are something that not only enhances user experience but also saves money as you only require one single website. It’ll work smoothly on every smartphone, iPads, tablets, desktops & notebooks.

What is a responsive website? And Why You Need It?

Today, every organization needs more traffic, and there are more ways to boost revenue with the increased traffic on websites. Therefore, it’s fair to have a mobile-friendly, responsive website design mississauga that meets the millions of mobile Internet users with the rise of internet-enabled smartphones, iPads and tablets used by people on the go. In recent years, the use of smartphones and iPads has increased, and your businesses can now equip themselves for these developments.

If you want your online user base to grow, you have to have a sensitive website service. Designed explicitly for future consumers using handheld devices, laptops, and related technology are the intuitive prototypes you shall employ. Google penalizes if your website isn’t responsive. Your websites must be mobile-friendly and optimized so that all major search engines work at their optimum. And you get the desired outcomes at the end of the day.

How Much A Responsive Website Cost?

Now, you’ve got an idea of what’s a responsive website and why you should have it. You must be thinking how much it’s going to hit your pocket. Worry not! As we’ve got your back. Please sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite drink while exposing the cost of having a responsive website. First, to get a responsive website, you need to hire a web development agency in mississauga. The agency will help you start from scratch. It’s a long process requiring experienced, creative & dedicated web designers to do the job smoothly.

When you try to find on the Internet for a website design mississauga agency, they may ask you to pay $5000 or above depending on the complexity of your website. However, if you’re also looking for a dedicated web development agency mississauga, Arete Software can make a difference and help you save hard-earned money.

The team here is one of the experienced, dedicated & creative in web development in mississauga. It can help you convert your existing website into a responsive website, a new responsive website with CMS, eCommerce etc.

Responsive Website Design mississauga Services Cost:

• Conversion of Existing Website into a Responsive Website — $750 Onward

• Fresh New Responsive Design from Scratch — From $750

• New Responsive Web Design with CMS $1000- $2000 or more depending on the features needed

• Fully customized eCommerce Responsive Website — $15000-$5000 or more depending on the features needed*

Note: The prices mentioned above are just estimates. Final cost depends on the functionality of the project. For the most accurate & effective cost, contact us here or call 647–812–5125.

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