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  • Laszlo SchelhammerLaszlo Schelhammer, 1 month ago

    Time is very precious for filmmakers, and finding the most relevant festivals to submit their films to can be very time-consuming and exhausting. This process has to be as efficient as possible, so filmmakers can devote more time and energy to their creative work. Organizing a festival is complex and often managed by one person, but currently there’s not a single versatile platform that can be used to successfully manage this task.

    We designed a platform that connects filmmakers and film festivals. It allows filmmakers to create a profile for their film, gain exposure, browse a huge database of films & festivals, with a filter that helps them find the most suitable festivals. Festivals can use the platform to manage and organize their event as well as browse the database. Film Moon is for all film professionals – producers, directors, programmers, for anyone who might take part in managing a film or festival.

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