I made a collaborative platform for product ideation and concept testing (visioneerhub.com)

2 months ago from , CEO at Stateless Minds LLC

Hey guys,

I have launched a collaborative platform for product ideation and concept testing:


The problem

Nowadays products are pushed to customers rather than being requested by them. Users are being tracked, analyzed and categorized instead of being asked directly what they want. For businesses this means increased risk when launching a new product. Buyers are kept out of the decision making process and can only vote with their wallet. The end result often is unfulfilled needs, decreased user trust and lower brand loyalty.

What is VisioneerHub?

Our motivation is to make everyone part of the product ideation process through a platform for seamless collaboration between product companies, freelance designers and consumers. We encourage these interactions through incentives for all involved parties to foster the creation of next generation products that better match user preferences.

Companies Do Concept Testing

You are a company willing to test product ideas and reduce business risk before choosing the right ones to invest in. VisioneerHub helps companies validate concepts early on in the product development process. Create campaigns, test market demand and user preferences with paid testers, gain traction with your target audience before launching. Browse designs and contact promising talent!

Designers Sell Product Designs

You are a freelance product designer or you create product designs as a hobby VisioneerHub is the place where you can sell your royalty-free designs. Your work gets noticed by producers so they can approach you with career opportunities!

Consumers Give Feedback

You are a passionate product user willing to have a say about the next iteration of your favorite products. VisioneerHub empowers you with "Would Buy Potential Product" actions so that you can express interest for a product to be made. Becoming a paid concept tester you get paid directly by companies for completing concept testing surveys resulting in products better suited to your needs.

  1. Does anyone relate to the broad stagnation problem in innovation?
  2. Do you think this is a step forward to making the process more inclusive and open to innovation?