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    Drizly Business and Revenue model is an inspiration for all alcohol delivery companies. Drizly an on-demand food delivery app that carved a unique, step-by-step growth strategy for itself and eventually, succeeded in transforming the way alcohol is bought and sold across various continents. Drizly Business and Revenue Model are pretty unique. The start-up neither sells nor delivers alcohol, which means that it does not have any products or a delivery fleet of its own. Now the question arises how drizly make money? The start-up charges a monthly licensing fee from all its partners (liquor stores) who use Drizly’s platform known as drizly monthly fee. Alongside the company only charges a delivery fee of $5 from its consumers. To know More About How Drizly works: Revenue and Business model do Read our Blog https://www.appsrhino.com/how-drizly-works-business-model-revenue-model/ And if you want the Drizly Clone app then AppsRhino is your Perfect Fit. Do visit our website to know more https://www.appsrhino.com/on-demand-alcohol-delivery/

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