The most comfortable casual shoe on the market made from sustainable materials (Soon on Indiegogo)

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At Undo For Tomorrow we believe everyday shoes should not be hard, rigid and made of ordinary materials that hurts our feet, back and the environment.

Nuven, our new improved design, offers supreme comfort, using soft materials and it's so light that you even forget you are wearing shoes.

Most importantly is made with the best recycled and natural materials and completely vegan.

As a company we want to change the way people look at “trash” and prove that recycled and upcycled materials are as worthy as new ones.

Our rubber outsoles are made with discarded party balloons and tires leftover, adding slip resistance and great flexibility.

The upper materials are 100% vegan.

The lining is 100% bamboo for a silky touch, it also helps with odor control and it's anti-bacterias.

We choose a super smooth suede made of recycled plastic for the outside layer and added a water repellent coat so you don't need to worry about rainy days.

To finish off : Our Insole is made of castor oil and it's from Ortholite™️. Global leading comfort insole brand.

Nuven will be soon available on Indiegogo, check our site for more info.