• JT White, 6 years ago

    Hey All,

    Another co-founder of Triage here. We wanted one app that housed all our developer work alerts and activity. Email/HipChat grew frustrating and weren't quite working for us, so we built Triage.

    We are going to add support for design tools such as dropbox and layervault very soon.

    Would love to hear what you think.



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  • Moiz K. MalikMoiz K. Malik, 6 years ago

    This looks really interesting.

    What's the monetization strategy?

    btw: the press release button doesn't seem to work correctly. Brings me the S3 access denied page. Looks like a permissions issue on the file.

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    • Basis PointsBasis Points, 6 years ago

      Thanks Moiz,

      Press Release is fixed.

      We haven't totally nailed down monetization, but it will likely be related to more enterprise controls and/or Custom Data through an API.

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  • Michael ParapettiMichael Parapetti, 3 years ago

    dead link

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