• Allan GrinshteinAllan Grinshtein, almost 5 years ago

    Gorgeous. How many companies are able to show such restraint? Look at their competitors (source):

    Even as competitors get a little wiser, Square is able to stand out as real craftsmen.

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  • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, 5 years ago

    The content seems a lot more focused but what's up with making me wait two seconds before I can use the navigation just for the sake of some bullshit animation?

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    • Paul MacgregorPaul Macgregor, almost 5 years ago

      Yep. The navigation is ridiculous.

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    • Patrick PalomboPatrick Palombo, almost 5 years ago

      Yep Agree with that as well, nonsensical.

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    • Josh ConleyJosh Conley, almost 5 years ago

      Yes, even as a simple drop down menu would suffice. The current menu is small enough to fit as a drop down menu to the right.

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    • Seth TompkinsSeth Tompkins, 5 years ago

      I don't think it's just some "bullshit animation," simple flashes of style like this are the future of web design and UX. The best example of this in my opinion is the new Google Now landing page. This site take a much more restrained approach, but the old adage "how does it make you feel?" could not be any more appropriate.

      For a casual web user this sort of thing transforms the site from a basic webpage into something that has at least the illusion of interactivity. This is highly appropriate given Square's target audience of converting brick and mortar purists who are curious about the future.

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      • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

        I have to disagree sir. Google Now use animation to augment the discovery experience. The animations and UI elements are designed to simulate a mobile app, which helps communicate the goal of the product. Each animation has an explicit purpose. They get it.

        Square on the other hand, have added animations at a point when the user is not in discovery mode but is simply trying to get from A to B. I call that "get shit done" mode. When users are trying to "get shit done", they don't want anything slowing them down.

        As with all things, animation has its uses. In this case, I think Square have made an obvious blunder.

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        • Seth TompkinsSeth Tompkins, almost 5 years ago

          You have a valid point there.

          I still disagree however, and in the interest of debate I would like to explain myself, no "meanness" intended :).

          Not only are Google's animations much longer, but they also impede the user from getting to point A (the main landing video page) to point B (the interior pages that actually contain actionable information) just as you describe the Square site. On top of this, they place a second animation between choosing your OS type and displaying the relevant page. I don't see how this has an "explicit purpose" other than being utterly gorgeous and engaging.

          In all honesty I agree that Google's site is superior in terms of presentation and overall beauty, however to state that Square "made an obvious blunder" is hyperbole and contrary to your support of the Google Now page.

          I definitely support your notion that sometimes the user wants to simply "get shit done," but if we followed that philosophy all the time then I believe we would never add a single piece of ornamentation to any transition.

          Thanks for the response!

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  • Brandon JacobyBrandon Jacoby, almost 5 years ago

    Really nice update to the site, but it bugs me so much when brands don't take the time to update their login pages.

    If you're going to do a redesign, do it.

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    • Wells RileyWells Riley, almost 5 years ago

      None of the Square web product has been refreshed – why would they do the login?

      This seems to be just a landing page update for now. Which makes perfect sense to me.

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  • Tim ParkerTim Parker, almost 5 years ago

    Definitely not a fan of the menu, 503453450 seconds to just see the damn menu! Very pretty overall but that menu is bugging me a lot.

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  • Tor Løvskogen BollingmoTor Løvskogen Bollingmo, almost 5 years ago

    Funky navigation.

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  • Account deleted almost 5 years ago

    Their use of SVG's to create 1px-borders on Retina screens is pretty cool.

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  • Peter ThomasPeter Thomas, almost 5 years ago

    Any thoughts/opinions on the menu pattern? I've seen it in similar variations in a few places now. The content is essentially the navigation on a marketing site like this, so does obvious primary navigation take a back seat to content that supports a users journey?

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    • Ryan GloverRyan Glover, almost 5 years ago

      I was curious about this, too. It seems like a lot of sites (first that comes to mind is Squarespace) have been more focused on presentation over usability. Though, I would be curious to see how inhibiting it is to have the menu tucked away vs. having it visible on the page. I think the "menu" labeling removes any chance for confusion.

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      • Peter ThomasPeter Thomas, almost 5 years ago

        I wonder if it's a deliberate design decision. By obfuscating the menu slightly the content has to work harder to guide the user though the site. Especially on a first visit when a user is exploring , this means they pay more attention to content and don't look to the nav as a safety net?

        Then again I could be over thinking it!

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        • Colm TuiteColm Tuite, almost 5 years ago

          I'm a fan of weaving navigation into the content. I think it often provides a more natural and fluid experience. It doesn't explain the 2 second delay on the menu though.

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  • Adam Brace, almost 5 years ago

    Wonderful navigation in my opinion, such a memorable experience.

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  • Nicholas HendrickxNicholas Hendrickx, almost 5 years ago

    The menu!! What is this trend of hiding menus lately? What if I just want to be able to quickly go through the sections of the website?

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  • With Circles, almost 5 years ago

    So nice

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  • Jason BlockJason Block, almost 5 years ago

    The menu kills it for me. Those animations are just excessive.

    Also, I remember they had some really nice pages outlining their different teams for the career site, and it looks like those pages have disappeared.

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  • Nicolas PrietoNicolas Prieto, almost 5 years ago

    Like it! My only concern: displaying the menu takes too long.

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  • Pete LadaPete Lada, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    I'm laughing at the delay for that menu; really an issue of form over function there. The rest of the site is quite lovely though -- square designers are top notch.

    [edit] One thing I noticed: they seem to have removed most of their job/career sections which, in the previous iteration of their site, were extremely well done. Now /careers just goes to a static jobvite page :/ bummer

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  • John WilsonJohn Wilson, almost 5 years ago

    Navigation isn't "bad" per say, but could be improved. I like the layout of the information makes it easy to understand. The main thing that is causing people problems is the time it takes to view that info. I believe a quick fade-in only instead of the "unfolding" and fading-in would suffice.

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  • Aaron SAaron S, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    I love their new design! Very inspirational. I've got to say though, I agree, I love the menu, however they probably should kill the initial animation, once you've seen it the first time, then it would be perfect!

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