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  • , almost 2 years ago

    Hey all!

    I've always taken screenshots of the websites / apps that I liked over the years and in 2016 I thought it would be cool to create a library with the best examples and created https://nicelydone.club

    You can find inspiration for both Marketing (landing page, about, feature, customer stories...) & Product purposes (sign in, settings, notifications, invite members...).

    Fast forward to this year, During the lockdown I've started to work on a new version to improve it (better search) but mostly to ease the way to upload new screenshots.

    So you can find 4,500+ examples from 250+ products. (1,000+ new screenshots added recently).

    I'm new to reddit but thought it would be could to post it and get your feedback. Thanks and have a great day

    (oh and I've designed & coded it myself, so don't ask me if designers should code :))

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