• Adrian FurtunaAdrian Furtuna, 12 months ago

    Great use of fiverr. In terms of standing out I think it makes it look professional and at the same time looking like a spotify playlist design. So if nothing you created a recognizable square in the sea.

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    • , 12 months ago

      Well said Adrian - that's the goal I guess. The Podcast itself is my creative outsource and I have a ton of fun with the audit edits/SFX - so thought I'd just keep pushing my creative boundaries with the artwork too.

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  • Marc Perel, 1 year ago

    Rob I really like the detail you've put into this but without being over-bearing, nice work.

    It's not easy to know how much work goes into the small details that give a project an extra edge.

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    • , 1 year ago

      ha yeah - overthinking is definitely something I'm good at. But I learn from these experiments and take them into almost all my projects.

      Cheers for the kind words:)

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  • , 1 year ago

    Hey DN!

    I've put together a two-part design case study sharing how I'm experimenting with Yo! Podcast artwork concepts.

    Problem: Guests send inconsistent image angles, inconsistent color grades, difficult crops, background objects clash with text.

    Proposed Solution: Illustrated character portraits.

    So I took to Fiverr to outsource $5 designs from 6 different designers using the same brief. The results are fascinating!

    I don’t love em… I don’t hate em. The original photo route might actually be better. What do you think?

    If anything, I hope the breakdown sparks some ideas on your projects somehow!

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