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    Hey DesignerNews!

    Windows support for both Astropad and Luna Display has been our top feature request for years. On top of that, we've heard from many artists and designers switching to Windows that they miss our tools. So I'm excited to announce that we're in the final stages of coming to Windows!

    For those not familiar with our products, we build tools that enhance the iPad for creative pros. Luna Display is a hardware device that turns the iPad into a wireless display, now for PC and Mac. Astropad is a software that transforms the iPad into a powerful drawing tablet that can replace your Wacom. Astropad works with your Mac and a free public beta for Windows is coming later this year.

    We are launching Luna Display for Windows on Kickstarter today and would love to have you back us!

    We're also interested in your thoughts on Windows. Are you a designer on Windows? Or have you thought about switching?

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