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  • Florian BauernfeindFlorian Bauernfeind, 10 months ago

    If I would compare your solution directly with the current one, I would switch to the original version immediately. Why? Because on your design the number of available movies appears much lower. Most of the time I don't know what I want to watch.

    Also I don't think the same about your points over hiding content:

    • it increases the chance users won’t see it It triggers curiosity. I don't really care if I don't see a movie if I find one that I want to see. You can't compare it with a dropdown menu where the information is viable for using your product.

    • there’s a greater reliance on digital literacy Why do you think that? The sneak peak of half of an image shows perfectly that there is more.

    • it’s generally more labour intensive for users I think your version is more intensive. Looking for a movie is often a no brainer. You zap through the films without the need hassle of going back to get into the next one. Adding new screens requires more thinking (You have to focus on the abrupt change). People in front of the TV don't want to think that much most of the time ;)

    That are my 2 cents :)

    Sidenote: It's funny that nearly every designer thinks they can optimize the UI/UX concept of a multi billion dollar company in an evening. Interesting stuff though

    Have you ever thought about helping NGO's out? They often don't have the money to hire good Designer but need it. That's a field where your design can have a real impact. If it's just an ad to look more professional that's also fine though.

    Best, Florian

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