Using Webflow + Wrk to easily build and manage a careers page

8 months ago from , Co-Founder - Wrk

Hello Designer News!

I wanted to share a nifty new integration we built at Wrk.

Here it is --> Webflow + Wrk

Wrk is a great tool for creating/managing job posts, reviewing applications, and tracking candidates as they move through your hiring process. We just rolled out some new features that work with Webflow's CMS. That way, you can easily build a custom careers page in Webflow, populated with your jobs form Wrk. As you create, edit, and remove jobs in Wrk, your Webflow job board will stay perfectly in sync.

So if you have a company page that lives in Webflow, or routinely build sites like these for clients, Wrk could be a great addition to consider!

Would love to hear any questions or feedback from the community here!