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  • Oliver Waters, 9 months ago

    Hey everyone!

    I'd like to introduce you to Orbit, a platform we have been building to help bring professional communities closer together.

    I'd love to hear your feedback, questions and suggestions both on the marketing site and the web platform.

    A quick overview

    Interest groups, events, places and brands bring people together and form the foundation of community. However, turning that into a vibrant and valuable community isn't easy.

    Community managers and organisers quickly find their workflow, efforts and data fragmented across multiple products. This trickles down to a community's members, resulting in a disjointed and fragmented experience.

    Enter Orbit.

    Orbit provides organisers and community managers with the tools to easily build, manage and engage professional communities in their own dedicated digital space.

    On top of our community platform sits our network. The Orbit Network is made up of every person and every community on Orbit, connected by their relationships with each other. We'll be opening up the network soon which will allow people, communities and events to become discoverable.

    Relationships are the backbone of community and we want to leverage this to help our members discover the right people and the right communities to help them succeed.

    Demo DN community

    It's early days for Orbit and we'd love to have you join us. So you can dive right in, we've setup a demo community for Designer News members to check out. If you sign up through the link on this site, you should automatically join it. If not, you can jump in directly here: https://in.orbitapp.io/community/rozk2lxc/


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