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    Hi DN,

    Strings is a writer-friendly tool to browse, search, and edit your app’s actual string files without learning how to code.

    Empower your writers by giving them controlled access to your string files. Writers can search and edit in-app copy. Strings takes the copy edits and automatically generates a pull request for engineering approval in Git.

    Fix content bugs and improve copy in minutes without taking up your developers' time.

    Let us know what you think.

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    • Koos Looijesteijn, 5 months ago

      Hi Jasper, that looks very promising! What I miss for it to become useful for me:

      • Integration with Figma
      • Translations

      What I think could be a problem (and why I really want Figma integration) is that the strings are not shown in context. Let's say we use 'Go' as a call to action in several places and then realize that's not a very good button label. How do we know which ones to change to "Sign up now" and "Send"?

      About the commit messages: in my experience people find it difficult to write good commit messages. To be honest, I would also find it difficult to come up with a more useful example than used in the video: 'Demo test' without spending a significant amount of time on commit messages. Perhaps the default message should not be editable? Perhaps the default message could provide context to the developer? Perhaps the default message should have the same pattern that it has already, but authors can add an additional, optional comment that is used in the second line of the commit message?

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