• Josh Sanders, 12 days ago

    CSS grid is a layout tool... CSS frameworks contain layout rules, but also contain WAYYYY more:

    • guidelines and usage rules
    • base design tokens (variables etc)
    • built components using said tokens
    • common design patterns for the system etc

    Comparing and conflating these two concepts makes absolutely no sense, considering a 'CSS Framework' could very well utilize a css grid layout implementation.

    CSS grid is not a framework, its a layout tool. A piece to the larger puzzle. Frameworks combine a bunch of puzzle pieces and form a larger, more cohesive system. What is the point of articles like this that attempt to compare apples and oranges?

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    • , 10 days ago

      I agree with your point as well and in fact, I tried to cover these points within the article as well.

      CSS frameworks like Materialize or Bootstrap are much more than Grid systems. In their overall robustness, grid is just one of the features. If you want to build different UI components like navbar, carousel, sliders, cards, accordions, tabs, pop-ups, modals, buttons, etc at lightning pace with a minimum CSS styling then you should be using CSS frameworks.

      But that is also one of the arguments against them as well. Such a large number of often unused features in these CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize or Bulma results in excessive Code Bloating. Tons of needless CSS styling rules that will never be used will weigh down your project. If you want to keep your website compact in size to boost load speed and performance, CSS Grid is the better choice.

      Another reason to pick CSS grid over CSS framework is that with frameworks you can be stuck with symmetrical column grid system. Achieving an asymmetrical grid like with 5 or 7 or 9 column layout would be difficult, not impossible, just require some effort that i would like to avoid.

      You will find these pointers in the article as well and more. The article isn't claiming that CSS Grid will entirely replace the need for CSS frameworks or vice-versa. Its explaining about the practical use for both.

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