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  • Alessandro Stigliani, 8 months ago

    Hello everyone,

    Today we finally launched Abyssale on Product Hunt!

    We all know that creating marketing assets for your business is a tedious and time-consuming task.

    That’s why we’ve built Abyssale - The only platform that enables you to effortlessly generate banners for your social media & paid advertising campaigns.

    • Set and forget your brand guidelines. Includes: Color, Logo, font, ...
    • Beep Boop! Our robots provide procedural algorithmic banner generation.
    • Automagically resize your banners in other formats.
    • A wide choice of banner formats available: Facebook, Linkedin, Google, ...
    • Share & collaborate! Your single source of truth for visual marketing.
    • Transparent & flexible pricing. Includes a Free plan to scale at your own pace.

    If you have already tried it - we’d be happy to see your comment on Product Hunt. If not - you’re welcome to try out Abyssale. We’d love to hear your feedback!

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