• John PJohn P, 1 month ago

    MP4 - close to no CPU usage assuming the machine can hardware accelerate it, can't do seamless looping really, needs some fiddling about to get it to behave on a webpage, can't do flat colors well at all, medium to low filesize. Enjoy your colors been every so slightly off in most cases.

    GIF - Fire and forget, just works, loops seamlessly, perfect flat colors but only 256 shades, filesize, performance and quality really really depends on the competence of the person creating the GIF. Looks the same in every browser for the last 20 years, colors are exactly what you see when encoding.

    CSS Animation - Can be very CPU heavy or moderately CPU heavy depending on talent of developer working on it, needs development skills to implement, perfect rendering of what you want but you're limited in what animation you can actually ship, the others can ship anything your video software can output. Needs to actually be tested in every browser you want to support.

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    • , 1 month ago

      Thanks! This in-depth comparison is really helpful. Cleared a lot of my doubts :)

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  • Stefano Vitagliano, 1 month ago

    Video if it's just from an optimisation point of view.

    Read more:

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  • Patrick LoonstraPatrick Loonstra, 1 month ago

    I miss SVG in this comparison question. Love to hear about that one also.

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    • , 1 month ago

      Oops! Guess I had to be discreet in my framing of question. I meant css animation (svg). Thanks for mentioning this. Otherwise, imo @john P gave valid explanation on it.

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