• Manan Rana, 3 days ago

    Slick website dude! I dig the dark theme! What color schemes did you use?

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  • , 17 days ago

    Hey guys, I'm working on Snapfont, a Chrome plugin that makes it easy to preview Google/local fonts on live websites.

    When testing fonts, it is hard to visualize how will it look like on a live website. So I made Snapfont via which you can swap fonts on any website and see how it renders.

    It matches font weights and styles so you don't need to do anything special. Currently, it supports local and Google fonts only although I'm working on a upload-your-own-font feature too.

    This is the v0.8.1 release bringing heaps of bugfixes, UI improvements and a new list UI.

    Let me know what do you guys think?

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