A Simple CLI for Convertkit

8 months ago from , Owner

I chatted with numerous people over the past week.

Before I jump into each call, I check my email service provider (Convertkit) for information about the person.

I'll look for these information:

  1. When did they join?
  2. Did they buy any of my courses?
  3. What tags did they subscribe to?

These information help me understand each person a tiny bit better so I can give better recommendations in the call.

But logging into Convertkit each time is a chore. So I built a CLI to get information from Convertkit. (Oh the wonderful things we can do as programmers 😆).

IMG: Subscribers.gif

Today I want to introduce you to this Convertkit CLI. It'll may just help you out if you use Convertkit too!

Click here to read the article!

If you don't use Convertkit, feel free to skip this article.

Stay awesome, Zell

P.S. I might write an article about building a CLI soon