Product Design Tips 3 — Closed beta. FREE COUPONS.

1 year ago from , Founder at Productdesign.tips

Hello, design community.

We decided to upgrade our chrome extension and make it more suitable for inspiration and productivity.

It's a closed beta, which means it's stable, but probably contains some bugs and UX inconsistencies that we missed. Please, help us test.

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Some treats for beta testers:

IDDQD - 100% lifetime discount (First 10 users)

PDT75 - 75% lifetime discount (First 100 users)

(Pro account - Unlimited workspaces, real-time time backups, multi-device access):

Leave feedback, ask questions or report a bug.

What's new:

★ Keep links to all SaaS services in one place. Create a workspace for each of your design projects. Keep all bookmarks to your research docs, interviews, mockups and deliverables in one place.

★ Speed up workflow. Manage working sessions. Open all links from any part of your design process in one click.

★ Tools. Sometimes links are not enough. Add text notes, todo lists, images and embed video, tables, sticker notes, and other stuff.

★ Collections. Forget how to conduct quantitative user research? Where to start with A/B testing or how to handoff mockups to developers? Templates will help. With checklist basic actions to accomplish any part of the UX process. Links to relevant articles, tools, and examples of deliverables.

★ Share your workspaces. Convert your workspace into a sharable article (mobile, desktop and tabs friendly) in one click. No hustle on Medium or Behance to describe your Case study.

Thank you!