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    Hey everyone, Rik from SuperHi here. We created a brand new course aimed at creatives wanting to build their, or others, online portfolios from scratch. In this course we cover how to go through the whole process of making a digital portfolio from nothing.

    In the course, you'll argue with the client over budget, make a Kanban board in Notion, sketch up wireframes, mood board, create a design system in Figma (colors, typefaces, logo and site layout), code up a site that's mobile-friendly and search-engine-friendly, then get it onto a custom domain.

    We made it a free course to help people in need right now. I hope that if just one person finds it useful, then we will have succeeded in our aim!

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  • Dan GDan G, 3 years ago

    Would recommend SuperHi above any other code learning platform. If you haven't tried it, I'd definitely make use of it now.

    (Not a shill, I've just done a few courses)

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  • Ronny Wieckardt, 3 years ago

    SuperHi has the best community in digital learning today. Also their hosts are very warm, welcoming, genuinely helpful and professional. Recommended

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  • Arun PattnaikArun Pattnaik, 3 years ago

    The general pricing seems pretty steep compared to any other platforms (designcode for example). I see a lot of $499 & $899s around the site for individual courses/bundles.

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    • Wassim BWassim B, 3 years ago

      Also curious how can they justify those price tags when we look at competitors.

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  • Chinmay Kulkarni, 3 years ago

    Keen on trying this one after I finish the javascript one! Been meaning to make my folio from scratch for ages!

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