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    I'm happy to introduce SubClock. It's a clock that sits on the menu bar. View date and time in sub seconds. It has far more customization than the default clock.

    It's available in Lite (free). I encourage you to try the lite first and see what you think. If you enjoy it, check out the Pro version ($5). You'll receive lifetime updates, collaborate directly with the developers/designers (we read all of your emails) and encourage further development. $5 isn't much but it goes a long ways.

    How it started. The current Date & Time menu bar was missing a few things. I wanted a way to view sub seconds (hence sub clock). I built a proof of concept and pitched it to my designer friend, Randy. He thought it would be awesome to add different typefaces. The idea grew to a fully customized clock.

    The full app lets you change every aspect of time such as years, days, hours, min etc. There are currently 100k different permutations to display time (in case you're a math geek). The goal is to continue expanding it to paid customers.

    I hope you all enjoy the website and app.


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