Remote Work Brand Sprint Template in Google Slides

11 months ago from , Human Deluxe Design Studio

People often think that working remotely is all about technology. But that’s not the problem. We all have access to Trello, Skype and Google Slides. What many business don’t have, is the right process and methodologies to collaborate efficiently and creatively in a remote setting.

At Human Deluxe, we’ve been experimenting with remote productivity tools for a long time already: Trello, Asana, Coda, Google, Dropbox, Mural, Skype, Airtable, Navigator, SAP Ruum, Dabra, Zoom, … - the list is endless. What we’ve learned is that we can’t just wait for the perfect solution, but we have to find efficient hacks to take full advantage of what is out there - without breaking the bank.

So here is our take on it:


We’ll share a variety of remote workshop templates and productivity hacks, so you won’t feel stuck in home office, but fully equipped to master the challenge of our generation.

Please leave a comment how you enable your teams to be efficient and creative in a remote setting.

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