Curious about Invision DSM

over 1 year ago from , Sr Designer

Hey all

One of my colleagues had been evangelizing Invision DSM and I'm struggling to understand what it offers above and beyond similar features our current combo of Abstract + Sketch offers. The code aspect is nice, but we're not using a standardized stack like React, so it's a moot point as best I can tell.

I'd love to hear anyone's experience with DSM or something similar. Thanks.


  • Guy Meyer, over 1 year ago

    Also, Invision's own video said Studio support is coming soon. I'm fearful DSM isn't being updated frequently if their own app still doesn't support it.

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    • Freddy MayFreddy May, over 1 year ago

      I guess it depends on how you communicate your design system. Abstract is great with Sketch, but it doesn't output the DS in the same way.

      Do you need to organise your design system using an internal/external knowledge-base format like DSM does? If not, then you prob don't need it, though it is easier when working with devs

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      • Guy Meyer, over 1 year ago

        Hey Freddy

        Sorry I missed this...

        We have an internal documentation tool for DS components based on the coded component. Designers right now bake the design system specs into the sketch document. So yeah, I guess we're covered there.

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