Need some feedback on my portfolio website

25 days ago from , Design Lead at Agaetis Technology

Hello folks, I have been working on my portfolio for quite some time now. I would love if you can give me some valuable feedback on how it looks and if its upto the standards.

Check my portfolio here: https://www.ravijava.com


  • Juozas Deksnys, 24 days ago

    Hi! Your website does not scale properly, it seems like you built it on relatively high resolution and some elements like top menu and that espresso machine video in the contacts page are breaking the layout. Try to increase your browser scaling to see how it looks on different resolutions.

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    • , 23 days ago

      Hey Juozas, thank you for pointing that out. I have made the website on WIX and it just gives me 2 breakpoints to work with: Desktop and Mobile. I am really lost here with what I can do to better the experience. What would you suggest I should do?

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      • Juozas Deksnys, 19 days ago

        Use Webflow instead, I'm currently in the process of building my own portfolio site there and it's a thing of beauty. 4 breakpoints and full control over code how everything looks.

        Alternatively, if you don't want to switch to another platform, you can check if wix supports viewport width(vw) or percentage scaling for contents and blocks. You can google "vw css" to learn more about it.

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  • Mac Peterson, 23 days ago

    Cool projects, like Juozas mentioned, it seems the container isn't responsive (I have like 15px of side scroll)

    Also, I'd try to structure the projects in a way where it's super easy to understand what's the problem you (or the client) is trying to solve and how you did that.

    That will set you apart from other designers drawing shiny stuff.

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    • , 23 days ago

      Ok great! I will structure the case studies as Problem Statement - Challenges - Solution! Thank you!

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  • Mark BultMark Bult, 23 days ago

    The work presented is very solid, Ravi. Like Juozas said, the main issue I see with the portfolio itself is the lack of responsiveness for smaller screens. I find the slide-in animations on the blocks of text a bit distracting and unnecessary but not a big deal.

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    • , 23 days ago

      Hey Mark, Trying to fix the responsiveness of the website with the limitations of WIX. About the animations, I thought that the website looks a bit static without the animations.

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      • Mark BultMark Bult, 22 days ago

        I haven't used Wix so I don't know its limitations. Good luck.

        The animations are a judgement call. Not a deal-breaker.

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  • Braden HammBraden Hamm, 25 days ago

    Looks good; it's nice and clean.

    Some feedback:

    • To simplify, "About" and "Contact" could be all be on the home page.

    • The "download resume" link and the copy above don't left align.

    • The share links/icons on your work seem unnecessary.

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    • , 23 days ago

      Hmm, okay. I can do that. But don't you think the page will become longer? The main purpose for me are my projects. About and Contact are secondary pages that's why I thought I will put them on different pages. • Thank you for this! I changed the alignment • I agree, I will remove it.

      Thanks Braden!

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