• Joey Prijs, 1 year ago

    Website is completely unusable in Safari; can't scroll.

    Work in Chrome tho, and it looks great.. but if you want to share things with a larger audience it's probably not smart to use such experimental layouts.

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  • Nikolina Fuzul, 1 year ago

    Process behind designing digital products is full of iterations, failed concepts and ideas that never came to be. This is the place where we at Infinum wanted to share all that with design community. This project is still in early phase, so every feedback is welcomed. :)

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    • John Doe, 1 year ago

      see scroll to explore, but no content to scroll.

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      • Nikolina FuzulNikolina Fuzul, 1 year ago

        Hey, thanks for the feedback! Initial scroll should open the infinite sea where you can see islands. You can select any of them to see more content, or you can go to the menu in the upper right corner (Quests, Gems, Crew, Compass) and explore what we have done so far.

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      • Nikolina Fuzul, 1 year ago

        edit: We checked what’s going on, and we’re working on fixing it. Until then, you can try to wait until the initial screen loads, and then try to scroll to open the website.

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