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  • Dominik So, 1 month ago

    Hey my beloved designer friends!

    TLDR; Today, I launched a useful developer tool that helps you optimize and preview your app's copy and screenshots on the App Store without the need for publishing it live or other any other design tools.

    It's now live on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/storepreviewer

    I would love to hear your feedback!


    I am currently in the process of creating my second app which will be soon launched on the App Store. Whenever I want to try out or publish a new app I encounter this one repeating and very annoying problem: There is no way for me to see how my app’s copy and screenshots will actually look like. On the App Store. In real life. On the device.

    Playing around with various Sketch/Figma templates is nice for perhaps that one logo preview but iterating over multiple screenshot ideas is quite cumbersome and takes a lot of time. Not even thinking about doing it for multiple devices, dark and light mode as well as the list and detail view.


    I created a web app based on this premise. StorePreviewer is a useful developer tool that helps you preview your app on the App Store in the way it should be.


    • Live preview of your app’s name, subtitle, description, app icon, screenshots and more

    • Switch between list and detail view

    • Easily drag and drop/rearrange your screenshots

    • Multiple devices (currently iPhone X/11 6.5” and iPhone 6/7/8 5.5”)

    • Smart icon/screenshot size detection and error handling

    • Local storage of your current preview so you will not lose your progress once you have closed your browser

    • .zip export for text and images for sharing with friends and colleagues

    • Even more awesome features in the PRO version (dark mode view etc.)

    P.S Yes, a Google PlayStore version is on the to-do list.

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