• Scott Barron, 3 years ago

    Yes & No Studio

    Is the site confusing: Yes.

    Is the site not confusing: No.

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  • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 3 years ago

    Fix it so a scroll down gesture scrolls you left, because this is frustrating to try to use. Good rule of thumb: Don't make me learn to use your site.

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    • Matt T, 3 years ago

      I thought the site was broken, came back and saw your comment. I use a wireless mouse and pushing the scroll wheel to the right for navigation is an absolutely terrible experience.

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    • Kirsten Felbert, 3 years ago

      This! Don't make me have to figure out how to navigate the site, just make it easy! Site is cool otherwise

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  • Zach CossZach Coss, 3 years ago

    Looks dope :)

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  • Bobby WomackBobby Womack, 3 years ago

    What a shitty url

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  • JJ B, 3 years ago

    Oof..So much confusion..

    First, the scrolling; Had no idea how to navigate the site for like the first 15 seconds.

    Second, the CTA's on the second slide; Totally missed these the first few times I scrolled through looking for a way to contact them.

    The process of selecting what you want and need is pretty neat visually as is everything else, but it's so confusing. Also I totally missed the pricing the first time around which seems to be floating in the top-right corner (desktop).

    Definitely think it's dope they used punycode and have their logo as their URL. Feels premium.

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    • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 3 years ago

      how are you supposed to type this URL, if you know that you have a browser that supports it?

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  • Patrick LoonstraPatrick Loonstra, 3 years ago

    Please judge the site when you scrolled and clicked the whole site. It is brilliant. URL, name, FAQ text. All of it is spot on. When you do not appreciate it, you are most differently not a fitting customer.

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  • Zun An, 3 years ago

    With a regular mouse, I can't even go beyond the first screen.

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  • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, 3 years ago

    While I like the visual appearance, I have some other feedback that might be helpful:

    I chose to be interested in Application designs -> Click on button on center (which is what I expect) does not work.

    Scroll to navigate. Which is a big problem here, wierdos like me use natural scroll, therefore the scroll direction is not as I would expect it. Anyway -> with a click interaction that problem would be solved.

    Platform selector: you have a strange behavior with selecting/unselecting items. Somehow i need to click outside the box to unselect something. Visual feedback not happening.

    Your list design does not show me whether i can select one or multiple elements.

    If you have a desktop resolution the price-change is really far away from where I'm working. It's not a very good thing to almost hide the feedback element. It should tell me what happens where it happens.

    If you think end2end communication with your customers. You might confront them with a price they might have never seen. Also you might need more explanation of how you create your pricing.

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  • adrian ioadrian io, 3 years ago

    The URL looks like a spam site - so I won't even click on it.

    And based on the comments here so far, why do designers feels like having to change how standard interactions work, i.e. scrolling. It's OK if you're doing an interactive art piece or something, but not when you're selling design servicing to solve business problems etc.

    Remember: Don't Make Me Think

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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 3 years ago

    An arrow won't suffice if you want to teach your users to learn how to use your website. Though if you need to teach them... well. Maybe buy a domain? This looks like a random domain assigned by a free hosting service lol - at first I thought this website would try to scam me into buying something.

    I don't know why you just won't allow users to still interact with your website when scrolling down. It doesn't make a difference.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 3 years ago

    i'm all for going wild when just presenting your work. but the experience is really confusing once you get into your inquiry forms. basic usability problems created by the aesthetic.

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  • Jim RenaudJim Renaud, 3 years ago

    Does not work on Chrome.

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  • Anthony Wilson, 3 years ago

    For the prices you're quoting, it would be nice to see some sort of portfolio on the website.

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  • Fatawu Issah, 3 years ago
    • The right icon doesn't represent you can scroll horizontal, it took me a few seconds of feeling like an idiot before figuring it out.
    • It doesn't work on chrome (mac user)
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  • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, 3 years ago

    After i tried to click the arrow and scroll down, I figured out the scrolling direction. But I didn't see any content. Chrome on MacOS shows me a blank page.

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    • , 3 years ago

      You’re not the first one who reported this. We’re still trying to figure out what’s causing it. We suspect it’s some extension. If you have extensions installed, could you please turn them off for a moment and tell us if the problem is still there? Thanks.

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      • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, 3 years ago

        Ok normally I'm not the kind of guy who's doing research for other people, resp. why other peoples product do not work. But let's not be me and help ;). As soon as an Ad-Blocker is activated on Chrome your page does not work anymore.

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