• Samuel HulickSamuel Hulick, over 8 years ago

    Hey everyone, I'm the person behind UserOnboard.com and I think it's awesome you're all sharing it - thanks! If you have any questions, shoot.

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  • Nick MNick M, over 8 years ago

    Slide 11 of the Netflix stack (Why is everyone laughing at the Menu Screen?) made me laugh loudly.

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  • Liam CampbellLiam Campbell, over 8 years ago

    This series has a lot of value. While the developer community often has discussions (perhaps sometimes too heated) about techniques and methodologies, I don't often see analogous exchanges in the design community.

    Does anyone know of other work in this vein? I see redesigns of big brands a lot, but not this level of analysis.

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  • Al HaighAl Haigh, over 8 years ago

    Weird. I'm designing a complicated user onboarding flow right now. Brilliant timing!

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  • Jose L PimientaJose L Pimienta, over 8 years ago

    Very interesting site, love to see all the onboarding process of these companies. We can all learn from this, thanks!

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