Bootstrapping Catchar. A community-based startup for AR creators. Feedback needed!

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Hey DN community…

Today I would like to showcase for you our 2.0 update of Catchar https://catchar.io/. This is our own self-funded side-project. Three of us are working on the hub and community where Augmented and Mixed Reality creators (developers, designers, 3D artists and others) can share their projects, organize XR portfolios and collaborate with businesses and other creators.

BTW, today we are also presenting Catchar https://www.producthunt.com/posts/catchar-2-0 on Producthunt


  • Dan Zaitsev, 9 months ago

    Here are some questions that we have for the DN community:

    ▶️ What do you think about our index/home page? I afraid that it looks a little bit overloaded due to many projects, people and articles, but our idea was to show all the important information on the first page… From one point of view I think we should optimize it and transform it into a classic landing page with some text, a couple of images and a CTA button. ▶️ We have also released the concept of subcommunities. Meaning, users and creators that use and prefer specific technologies, can be focused on them. What do you think about the concept of sub-communities? ▶️ Any recommendations in terms of the mobile version?

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    • Braden HammBraden Hamm, 9 months ago

      I would put "recent updates" somewhere else. A subpage. New users who aren't familiar with your community won't care much about that at first.

      I think I would remove the auto side scrolling communities from the top as well.

      Possibly just make that whole left side bar a section on the bottom. All of that content is low priority IMO.

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