• Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 2 months ago

    I'd vote QANTAS or Swiss as being the most easily recognizable out there

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  • Song Stribling, 2 months ago

    Qantas for being the easiest one to recognize. Visually, Hawaiian. I just can't pass up on gradients :)

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  • , 2 months ago

    I'm torn between PNG Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines :)

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    • Arsen Ibragimov, 2 months ago

      Could you elaborate on this? Why?

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      • , 2 months ago

        They are both soo different than other airline logos. Especially PNG. They are such a fresh breath of air imho. PNG looks really nice on the airlplane tail (that's why I used the image I used. It has that cubic feel to it. Especially after I read more about it's story (Papua New-Guinea being the most diverse country and all). For Hawaiian, they got me with the gradient background. It doesn't look like an airline logo at all but that boldness made me like it. But after explaining this, I'm leaning more towards PNG haha.

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    • Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, 2 months ago

      Wow, I hadn't seen the PNG Air rebrand before. Great use of local art style.

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  • Alison Bustos, 2 months ago

    Air Asia, who doesn't love a little controversy

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