How English non-native speakers produce good copies for websites?

5 months ago from , CEO

Hey there designers!

I was curious about one difficulty that I am facing when I design a new website either for a client or for my startup.

I find it hard to write good copy that will sound professional and catchy. As an English non-native speaker, I struggle to find the proper words and phrases to write a useful text for even my bullet points and the value proposition my startup is providing.

Have you ever faced something similar? If yes, how are you solving this? I would love to solve it myself.

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  • Laraina Stevens, 1 month ago

    As a non-native English startup, my journey had been awful. I was about to invest $50-60k for me at that time growing venture. I had to communicate with the experienced journals to be written my site content, had to outreach to the different organizations offering their product promoting through my startup site. you could guess writing at English even a formal pitch for the business offering is tougher than speaking with Journal. Neither, I could overcome this situation nor I could overlook. As a result, despite not having enough budget to invest in them, I used to hire freelancers through the different market place or appoint them WriteMyEssay.online to make my business proposal ready. Hiring someone through freelancers or appointing the "Write My Essay Online" provider was much effective but led to consuming by capital. So, a native English man was appointed to teach me advanced level English, still, I am learning but can realize I am good at English. From my experience, I think, you should meet with the same procedure.

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