Milanote 2.0

over 3 years ago from , Co-founder & CEO at Milanote

Hey designers, Milanote CEO here—just popping in to tell you about our latest release, Milanote 2.0.

Lots of people think that designers start a new project by jumping straight into Sketch/Figma etc. But behind every great piece of design work is a lot of research, thinking and planning that can be messy, unstructured and take time to evolve—that's the part of the creative process that Milanote is for.

We've just released a huge update to the product, including:

  • A fresh new look for the UI

  • Dark mode (!)

  • Lots of awesome new templates for things like moodboards, design briefs, personas, user journey maps etc (we now have over 100!)

  • Simple built-in image editing tools

  • Coloured backgrounds for boards

  • Performance improvements so that editing your boards is faster than ever

Not to mention my personal favourite: fancy 3D effects when you drag things around! Drove the developers nuts with this one!

Anyway, hope you like it and let me know if you have any feedback :)