• Seymour ButzSeymour Butz, 9 months ago

    Who is this for? Based on the super slick marketing video, it looks like a really well-designed product. A lot of the interactions that are hinted at in the video seem really innovative and would solve a lot of the pain points of designing mobile tool that requires so much fine-tuned editing. It looks like impressive UX.

    But I have a really hard time imagining that this would enable me to design robust mobile apps more quickly than Figma. For having to fit so many interactions into a mobile screen, it seems really well done, but I can't believe I would rather use that than a mouse and keyboard, especially as a project grows in size and you have more and more screens to account for. And what if you're a product designer who also designs experiences for desktop?

    Stuff like multi-state components, dynamic layouts, JSON integration, and exporting to Swift are all super interesting, but as product designer building large applications for both web and mobile I guess I'm struggling to see how I could fit this into my workflow.

    Looks really cool though! There may be an obvious use case for it I'm not grasping, and regardless I'll definitely try it out when it's available.

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 9 months ago

      I strongly agree with everything you’ve said, Cooper. It’s an interesting mix of “wow, this looks great and very well constructed” as well as “there’s zero chance I’d be quicker working like this, and many projects wouldn‘t fit the model”.

      I’ll also be giving it try. :)

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      • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, 9 months ago

        Not to mention that this app seems to ignore other devices derived from iOS (tvOS, iPadOS). It's bad enough that these two devices are already ignored more than they should, this would make it more prevalent.

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  • Alexis CreuzotAlexis Creuzot, 10 months ago

    Being an iOS developer, this kind of tool would actually be super useful. I'm not a designer, but I often need to fill the design gaps on some project, or just test out different UIs for specific screens.

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  • Adrian FurtunaAdrian Furtuna, 10 months ago

    While this looks really nice, it find it hard to design something on a 6" screen. More than this, based on the amount of hours I spend on a design, my neck will kill me looking down at this tiny screen. Not to talk about the strain on the ocular muscle.

    I think this would be better suited for an iPad pro.

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