What is your experience working on 4k monitors?

6 months ago from , UI Designer

I want to buy 27-inch, 4k monitor but I'm a bit worried that interface scaling will be so different that I will produce wrong/bad scaled UI.

I will work on Mac and Windows (mostly creating UI on Figma).

How do you handle that? Are you having one 4k/5k monitor and one 2k/full HD? Or maybe you have even different setting?

PS If you interest in which monitor I'm going to buy: LG 27UL850

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  • Marco RodriguesMarco Rodrigues, 5 months ago

    At home, I work on a 27" 2K monitor. Mostly in Figma and sometimes illustrator. In my workflow, I design at a lowe zoom % so I can see the entire artboard but I preview at 100%. Generally, I have to zoom 1.5x to get an accurate view of my UI on my monitor or it just looks too small. I haven't really affected how I design but more of how I preview my files. Hope this helps.

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