• K. D., 7 months ago

    I reserved mine two-letter initials, I hope your product will be cool for the future! good luck

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    • Erik FialaErik Fiala, 6 months ago

      Thanks for the support!

      Currently, we're experiencing problem with email spam filters. Your confirmation email wasn't sent, but we're trying to fix that ASAP.

      Just want to let you know that your ID was successfully reserved. :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

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      • K. D., 6 months ago

        I've just re-visited the post to report this! :) That is perfect. Thanks.

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  • Arun PattnaikArun Pattnaik, 7 months ago

    Just reserved mine. Is it okay to post link here for karma? Will remove if not okay. http://everch.at/referral/arun

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    • Erik Fiala, 7 months ago

      Completely fine haha, thanks for the support!

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      • Arun PattnaikArun Pattnaik, 6 months ago

        From your own assessment of the direction Everchat is moving in, do you think it can be a replacement to Slack at some point? Asking this because 'threads' is mentioned.

        If it is, I'm hoping it would be comparably more affordable. Slack is fantastic, but it's quickly becoming expensive for communities or even large internal teams.

        Or is it more like a Telegram alternative?

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        • Erik FialaErik Fiala, 6 months ago

          I would say neither, it's more of a feature-comprehensive alternative for reddit. But definitely it will have some features that Slack and Telegram offer. Not sure if we can replace either of those, but the Premium subscription will be definitely cheaper and more transparent (in terms of pricing) than Slack. We approximate it to be around $4/month to actually be able to survive lol

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  • M WM W, 7 months ago

    Those abstract illustrations are really really pretty. How does this differ from apps like Wickr though?

    Have an upvote!

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    • Erik FialaErik Fiala, 7 months ago

      Thanks! They're made by a fellow designer Brett Will https://scribbbles.design

      Wickr is end-to-end encrypted, which is both great but also painful when it comes to scalability. It only works well in groups up to couple of tens of users, maybe hundreds. We're taking a different approach - a hybrid of server-side fan out and end-to-end encryption which will be scalable to unlimited users per channel. The algorithm will of course be open-source, but it's still being developed, so we're not confident enough yet.

      Also, we see Wickr as an alternative to Slack, and us more of an alternative to reddit/Spectrum, but with higher privacy and security, especially in private channels.

      Thanks for supporting, and if you have more questions, please go ahead

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  • Karl Lenonp, 6 months ago

    Cool domain name

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