• Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, over 2 years ago

    Sorry, this is a voting ring. Enjoy your few hours on the front page, I guess.

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    • Tiago Franco, over 2 years ago

      Well, it’s on the topic of HN and does deliver value. I’m sorry it’s seen like that.

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      • Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, over 2 years ago

        Are you using coworkers or fake accounts to inflate upvotes? Don't mean to rude, but just to clarify:

        • It is on topic, no problem there.
        • Almost all your posts are only for imaginarycloud.
        • It's fine to post your own content! But there have been at least 5 "2020 trends" post in the last week and I struggle to believe that they all have legitimate upvotes.
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        • Tiago Franco, over 2 years ago

          Some of the upvotes might be from colleagues, but as most of the team are either UX/UI designers or front-end developers, that's wouldn't be a surprise. It's a small team, so I believe it would be only a very small portion of the upvotes. I don't have time to waste creating free accounts.

          Because of the configuration of the team, we write a lot about design (half the content of the blog is about it). HN is where I share their ideas, and a lot of this content opinionated. I think it's good content thus why I've been posting on HN since around 2014.

          I still remember when HN was a good source to share ideas and discussion. I believe it still his, but you're right. 5 of these posts might be too much, but I also believe there are a lot fewer people posting than before, and as consequence topics are not as diverse as they once were.

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  • Pavel B, over 2 years ago

    Nothing new

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