SelfCAD 3D Design Software – A Quick Comprehensive Review

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While discussing some of the best 3D design software in 2019 we cannot miss out on the amazing SelfCAD 3D design software. This review article will take you through the different features of the software and why you should or shouldn’t use this software. (https://www.selfcad.com)

SelfCAD 3D Design Software - Self Explanatory Features of SelfCAD 3D Design Software Description SelfCAD 3D design software is more than just a slicer. It is a comprehensive software that encompasses all the following characteristics of 3D modeling software:

3D modeling 3D Designs Creation Print preparation Control Layer modeling Layer height editing Infill density editing Printing speed control Furthermore, the software is straightforward to use, and you can download the g-code once you have completed the design. Also, the operation does not require any expertise, and even newbies can start using the software right away.

As a result, the software makes newbies of 3D printing designs into realtime experts in just no time.

Web-based SelfCAD 3D design software is a web-based plus downloadable software. As a result, you can use the software from anywhere online. Moreover, you don’t have to install any additional software, modeling, sculpting, and printing are done in one program.

Also, we all understand that using CAD software is challenging to use. But with SelfCAD, you do not have to worry about the complexity of the software or the installation of additional software to make the CAD work.

Pros Detailed layer preview with a slider Displays estimated print time Gives an estimate of the material usage Indicates the final model weight and other aspects Provides the function with of Spaghetti infill Cons the g-code cannot be directly uploaded to a printer Cloud interface or interactive platform not available Price The SelfCAD 3D design software is available for a 30 day free trial period before you have to subscribe to it at a rate of $ 14.99/m. Besides, you can find more details about the latest deals and the discounts available on the software website.

Devices Supported

Windows Linux Mac Web-based Language Support

English Pricing Model

Monthly payment Annual Subscription Who Should Use the Software? The software is ideally suited for beginners who are starting on their 3D modeling careers. However, having said this, anyone can use this fantastic software and create amazing models for the print.

What are the users saying about SelfCAD 3D Design Software? Most of the reviews available on social media and other tech giant websites are positive. Most of the users have found the software to be extremely easy to use. In addition, the availability of multiple features of 3D designing and printing under one roof is a fantastic feature that is liked by the majority of the users. Moreover, the software is ideally suited for beginners, medium to large-sized businesses depending on the nature of work to be carried out.

Conclusion To sum up, it can be said that SelfCAD 3D design software is an amazing software that is not only a slicer per se but a complete package for 3D designers. In addition to the multiple features available on the platform, you can very quickly master the easy-to-learn software and start designing in no time. If you want to share anything related to the software, you can share it with us here.