• Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 8 months ago

    I'm pretty torn on the design they rolled out at the presentation.

    For one, the demonstration model did not match the renders that people keep passing around.

    1. The panel gaps were big enough to hide a model S in

    2. The doorhandles were clearly an afterthought (they dont appear on any CG rendering)

    3. The hubcap things they stuck on were clearly not the wheels that are in renders. Guessing steel wheels with plastic hubcaps for the demo

    4. The overall fit and finish was very slapped-together looking. Namely the fender flares.

    Now obviously it was a pre-production model to demonstrate the idea, but still, they should have polished it more. This is a company that does already produce production cars - I'd expect an underdeveloped concept like this from a small player, but Tesla has been banging this drum for years. The car they presented looked like it was completed in a week.

    I personally do like the aesthetic and the idea. I mean hell, I was born in the 80's and always wanted to see the bladerunner-esque retro future we've all been promised for decades. If this design prompts people to start releasing car designs like the old W12 Vectors and things again, that would be sweet!

    I just wish Elon and co had spent some more time polishing this concept, because the way it is now I'm still expecting them to turn around and say 'haha, fooled you!' before releasing something totally different.

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    • Cameron Sagey, 8 months ago

      Yeah I agree, the lighting and viewing angle on stage also made it look really bad. There was a lot about that presentation that hurt the perception of it - Hard for people to get past the combined cyberpunk theme, cybertruck name, way different design, and the seemingly unrehearsed presentation. If everything else was normal and it was just the design that was out of peoples comfort zone, people may have warmed up to it much faster.

      I think the videos and renders they have on the site look much better but there's still room for improvement, so I'm really hoping they refine it before production. Something about the height of the bed and the tight spacing around the front wheel still throws me off - proportions are funky for the sideview.

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