Does DN remove the post about a user complain that he cant deletes his DN account?

3 months ago from , carlospx.com

The name of the post was something - "Evil by design". I can't find the post. It was on the front page.

Edit: Find it but it returns 404 https://www.designernews.co/stories/105945-impossible-to-delete-account--evil-by-design


  • Matthew Hollingsworth, 3 months ago

    Hey Carlos!

    We removed the story because we successfully deleted his account, which then caused the link to throw off a 500 error. Hope that provides some additional context!


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    • , 3 months ago

      Thank you for the answer, Matt.

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    • Ken Em, 3 months ago

      Why can't members delete their own accounts?

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      • Matthew Hollingsworth, 3 months ago

        Most can, but we've seen a few people run into errors with it. We're working on it.

        That last one was a thread that ended over a year ago through the support channel and for some reason fell through the cracks. It was my fault, and we have since deleted his account.

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