• Jordan LittleJordan Little, 1 day ago

    We need to reconsider our attitude to data privacy for the future products. Software must have free access to all data, human gathered experience that should be available to everyone.

    Data privacy revision. Today’s understanding of private information is nearly the only obstacle to software development, like censorship in literature. Now everything that a user did not allow direct access to other users is considered to be private. The concept of privacy should be changed, it should protect the user’s identity based on his data and not protect the access to the data itself.

    For a complete opposite take on this opinion on personal data, check out Mike Monteiro or Dmitry Fadeyev.

    Personally, I value my privacy and hope to god that this author's vision of the future is not realized.

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  • Drew Palko, 12 hours ago

    I would have been interested in the future of interfaces... but it looks like whoever created this page still needs to master the interfaces of the present. I have no idea why a ragged-right text layout would have such wonky-sized spaces... And the broken English doesn't help. If it's THAT important, you should at least have it proof read...

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    • Mike Kingsborough, 16 minutes ago

      Clearly his first language isn't English and that shouldn't matter. Being able to code a website or typeset something perfectly shouldn't matter either. Design can come from many walks of life, it's about solving a problem and anyone can have a point of view when it comes to solutioning something.

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  • Agni MurthyAgni Murthy, 2 days ago

    While I believe that the author's focus on extreme convenience through AI is well intentioned, they don't really engage with any of the social / political implications of a world where people don't have control over their personal data.

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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, 3 days ago

    Thanks for putting this out. A main bit of feedback on the content, which might help.


    It's important to me to have more information about the author. What is your background? What informed this point of view? etc., etc., Is this even your work or thesis?

    Agreed with others, the formatting is brutal. My initial reflex is that it was very Dropbox with poor formatting.

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