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    Congratulations on the launch, Laurie. Saved a link to check this out when I next look to create a gantt chart.

    One little niggle, you say "Create Beautiful Gantt Charts", but the only way to see actual screenshots of these charts is on Product Hunt. Curious if that was a conscious decision?

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    Why did we create gantt.io?

    A good design is a mirror of the quality of your work. When you present a project to a coworker or a client, the planning is one of the most crucial elements. Compared to all other Gantt tools on the market, Gantt.io is by far the most versatile tool when it comes to the design aspects. Each and every element can be customized, but we did put a lot of effort in a very effective and efficient user interface to turbo-charge your Gantt creation process and generate beautiful Gantts in a couple of minutes. Alone or in online-collaboration with your colleagues and friends.

    One more thing ... we also invented the time travel wheel! Every action is saved and you can go back at any moment and restore or create a new Gantt with a fork.

    Try it - it's fun and intuitive! And don't hesitate to ask us any questions - we are more than happy to answer your requests.

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