3 Beneficial Tips On Helping You Improve Your Relationship With Clients

11 months ago from , Founder at Bembly

Hello people,

After doing thorough research on what are the most important communication factors that establish a successful relationship between a designer and client - I've come up with these 3 which I would like to share with you, hoping that you will find them useful in the future and experience benefits from them.

  1. Understand your clients and show them that you do - By doing so, not only you show a characteristic of a great listener and a decent level of professionalism - you are developing a strong synergy with them, containing a greater possibility to persuade them about design decisions that are meant to benefit their business. The first step to positively persuade someone is to truly understand them and to show them that you do, so do not hesitate to ask additional questions about their business or goals which will help you view their ambitions right from their perspective. In addition to establishing great communication, you will also distinguish yourself from the ocean of others who are leaving the "finish the design and get the cash" impression to a client.
  2. Show them that you "click" for their need - Your clients have a goal in their mind, and their research for your services and then contacting you are brought by their strong wish to achieve that goal. Show them that every effort and decision you made through the design process is strongly supporting their wish for goal achievement. It is something that will earn their trust and prove to them that they made a correct decision when choosing you to help them pursue their goal or a dream. Successful & repeat collaborations are all about making both sides feel real great - empower your client's trust side with your service followed by clear reasoning, and you will be rewarded with an enjoyable, collaborative environment.
  3. Explain your design in short, understandable terminology - There's no doubt that knowing and understanding specific terms makes us feel great and shows us the path we've crossed to be where we currently are - but sometimes they are not of enormous use when communicating to our clients. Similar to how frustrating a patient might find a doctor who uses dizzy words, the design industry is no different and the analogy might apply as well. Keep your design explanations short, clarified and well-understandable for your clients. You wouldn't want to send a message to your client and then notice the necessity for the same message again, followed by a decent decrease in their overall experience?

At Bembly, we are focused on helping you fulfill the gap between you and your client's side - by creating design explanations of your designs, which explains your goal-oriented efforts and is spoken in words to be well-understood by your clients.

If you wish to try out our service, you can head over to Bembly website and sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Wishing you an exciting week ahead,