UI Animation Agencies/Freelancer?

2 years ago from , The BHW Group

In the midst of redoing the company site. Are there any agencies or freelancers that come to mind that could take a Sketch file and animate the UI with some instruction?

Final export would be as a movie file Trying to get the polished look that I see often.

Thanks in advance


  • Michael van HolkerMichael van Holker, 2 years ago

    Sure! Send me some more info and we can talk in detail thesecretartsclub@gmail.com

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  • Joe di Stefano, 2 years ago

    Hi Randall - My small agency, Simple Creature, focuses on this type of work. You can see some recent examples of our UI animation here: https://dev.simplecreature.us/work/ui-animation

    (The site is still under development, so you'll find some lorem ipsum)

    Typically we do the front-end dev, but we've also worked on projects where we hand off motion samples to an in-house engineering team.

    I'd love to hear from you: hello@simplecreature.us

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  • Rafael M, 2 years ago

    Hi, I could help you to bring your Sketch files into animation and render as a video. As an example, I did some UX design a few years ago for Samsung TVs and we were showing our ideas with animation to the development team. I have been using After Effects for many years. if you're looking to animate Sketch templates with After Effects it's a great solution. You can even create animation within After Effects to create Lottie JSON files if you want to bring more power to your designs afterwards. I just launched my website (rafaelmacho.com) couple of weeks and just did create some JSON files with Webflow. If you're interested, email me at hello@rafaelmacho.com

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  • Vishnu HaridasVishnu Haridas, 2 years ago

    pls check out my work in body movin & after effects prototyping


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  • Thales Ribeiro MacedoThales Ribeiro Macedo, 2 years ago

    Hi Randall, We could definitely help you with that. I'm one of the co-founders of Serious Business, a branding and design agency. This is exactly what we love doing, creating polished UI interfaces. Here's a reel of our work:


    we can connect more via email


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