• UX LA, 12 days ago


    Not sure why but I was kind of expecting more meat from Plant.

    Also, to all of the Art Director wannabes out there reading this, not having an art degree does not disqualify you.

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  • Geoff Ball, 13 days ago

    This is not too bad, but Medium and UX Planet in particular for design seems to be filled with spam these days..

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    • Andrei Ticuleanu, 11 days ago

      Smells like they hired a mediocre content writer, gave him some keywords for SEO and a few guidelines. It's also filled with a ton of fluff (reaching that character limit to get paid), and it's incredibly generic for a "Definite Guide". What the hell Plant?

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      • Geoff Ball, 7 hours ago

        probably - but why then, post it on medium in a terrible publication. Also, writer could be a her

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