Looking for UI/UX Designers to test a new platform

8 months ago from , Founder at Bembly

Hello people,

The past week we have just finished our second MVP of Bembly - Design Explanation tool that helps you explain your design choices to a client and avoid their tendency to micro-manage your design process.

Our website: http://bembly.com/

Given the fact that this place meets a lot of individuals who are relevant to both designing and entrepreneurship - I would like to ask you for overall feedback on our tool and idea behind it. Since your feedbacks are hugely impacting our development - please do not hesitate to be honest about anything!

If you want to test out our tool with a personal design of Design Explanation, feel free to write to me at teodor@bembly.com

I'm wishing you a great week ahead


  • Braden HammBraden Hamm, 8 months ago

    This is definitely a tedious part of the process. I could see designers paying for a service like this.

    After a designer submits a design, do you communicate back and forth with the designer to make sure it's accurate?

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    • , 7 months ago

      Hey Braden,

      Yes - we do communicate right after a follow-up to make sure that we have noted & placed everything accurately.

      We are also encouraging our users to talk with us about any new problem that might occur in communication with a client - so we can act immediately to help them overcome the problem and improve the overall experience.



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  • Mike A.Mike A., 8 months ago

    Hey Teodor, what's the output of Bembly? Is it document? Or annotated mock?

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    • Teodor Petrovic, 8 months ago

      Hey Mike,

      The output of Bembly is a .png image -> but it is something we can change and adapt.

      If you don't mind me questioning, why do you ask, is there any format that would exactly fit your need?



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