Ask DN: Testing different fonts on a live website

22 days ago from , Developer

Hi fellas, I've run into this problem multiple times where I want to preview a font on a website but I can't find any half decent plugin/app to make this happen.

The closest I can find is a fairly old chrome plugin via which I can select a font from google fonts, however, it hard codes a single font weight on the page and you can't preview local fonts.

Can anyone suggest a plugin to preview fonts on a live website?


  • Mukul Ishwar, 15 days ago

    You can use the dark reader chrome extension although used primarily for night mode but there is an option to change of website in this settings

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  • Stefan I., 16 days ago

    You can try http://typewonder.com/. It uses Google fonts and it has no customization options in terms of font weight, size, etc, but it's worth checking. Let us know if you find a better option.

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