• Taylor PalmerTaylor Palmer, 20 days ago

    Can anyone explain what this actually does?

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    • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, 20 days ago

      I think it just gives you a set of pre-designed product management artboards.

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  • Charles JonesCharles Jones, 19 days ago

    Love the speed at which the plugins for Figma are popping up!

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  • , 20 days ago

    Product Planner makes the process more comfortable to get started, product planning, product insights, identifying risks, setting goals and identifying and solving problems. Use the prebuilt template relevant to your tasks.

    So Why we built?

    Figma believes in collaboration without constraints as well as the power of shared understanding. We have been on a mission to empower teams to create the next big thing on Figma. We want to build collaboration plugin for fantastic Figma users. We are happy to share the news with Figma users that "Today We launch beta version to try it out.". We will add more template soon from the Idea to the insight with teamwork but in a better way.

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